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Features & tools is chalk-full of tools designed to help you be the most efficient, effective, and impactful professional working in the field. incorporates hundreds of helpful, targeted tools to support your ability to customize and facilitate information capture, reporting, monitoring, outcome measurement,

and annual planning. also offers optional modules to
enhance your professional performance. Regardless of the tool, those who use benefit from important, 
universal operating capabilities:

document management

robust case noting

outcome tracking & measurement

Proactive alerts and reminders

helping you be more effective & secure


Actionable information

With, case managers and other human services professionals utilize dashboards to monitor, record, and process information. captures the status of service delivery and presents appropriate information, enabling professionals in the field to better structure their time and self-monitor accomplishments. 

Agency managers benefits from real-time performance and exception reporting to focus on aspects requiring support, 

resources, and intervention. 

Secure & HIPAA Compliant can be available to all approved and authorized users on a 24/7 basis. does not require data to be placed on local computers. Information is maintained in a secure, HIPAA compliant format, and subject to design criteria and encryption technologies that enhance security.

Protected Health Information (PHI) is accessible only to those to whom you grant access. enables you to maintain version control with ease when distributing documentation designated for "public" use (e.g., forms, policies, and agreements).


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