let go of limits

MyinterCare.com is the solution for human services people who help others, soar.

Helping individuals meet their needs and achieve their goals takes planning, action, and agility.  Yet, so many find themselves grounded by hard-to-use, outdated computer systems that fail to address the dynamic requirements and changing realities of those in the field. 

At myinterCare.com, we’ve found that when we’re using the most advanced technology available, we’re better able to impact those we serve. 

With tools specifically designed for those who work within community-based programs and regulatory requirements, myinterCare.com supports you to be the most knowledgeable, efficient, and effective professional, possible.


MyinterCare.com is "scalable" to fit organizations of any size. So, whether you are on a solo mission, or managing an agency of hundreds, myinterCare.com is perfectly adjusted, for your needs.  


Experience serving participants, in the community

Our professional experience working with individuals who participate in community-based support programs sets myinterCare.com apart. 

MyinterCare.com helps you navigate and communicate with individuals, natural supports, and other professionals amidst the dynamics of community-based settings.

We consider working with people receiving waiver services, such as those with disabilities, a privilege. 


We know you do, too.



MyinterCare.com understands both the needs of people receiving services - and those who support them.