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Getting the most from's tools for agency management

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Harnessing advanced solutions for busy supervisors and executive directors.

We've all been there: You just received a new referral and the team wants to meet next week. Yet, Mark is on vacation, Jill is out on maternity leave, and you're unsure if Morgan's CPR certification is up-to-date. You need a solution, fast.'s HR tools were designed for instances, just like these. HR Tools are a module within and are available to supervisors and agency managers. enables you to organize personnel records, track compliance requirements, and organize service delivery teams across your organization.

With, professionals in the field can upload necessary documentation and complete deadlines and expirations, while supervisors can store, manage,and track documentation, records, files, deadlines, and compliance dates, in one, easy-to-use location.

Using's management tools, Mark can log his vacation dates so his supervisor can quickly determine if he will be available for the meeting, Jill's maternity leave paperwork and return to work schedule is clear, compliant, and easy to manage, and Morgan's CPR card and expiration deadline is not only available, but triggered for action so she can avoid expiration.

From time-to-time, personnel vacations, illnesses, or extended absences require supervisors to ensure continuity of services.With, you can pre-configure cross-functional or interchangeable assignments, ensuring all necessary provisions are made to accommodate an employee departure, in advance.'s capabilities allow agency management to better prepare for regulatory audits and reviews. Per management discretion, quality assurance and other, 3rd party certification examiners may access your agency's personnel records selectively and on a time-limited basis, streamlining and simplifying verification and auditing requirements.

Busy supervisors and agency managers can enjoy a renewed focus on supporting those in their agency, and less on the headaches of paperwork and documentation management. With, you can focus on what matters most: the professionals in the field and those you collectively serve.

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